OpenSTV version 2.4.0 released February 10, 2015

Since 2003, the OpenSTV project has been dedicated to improving democracy by providing professional quality software for the single transferable vote and other ranked-choice voting methods. To support continued development, OpenSTV is available under a restrictive license.

The license for one year is $400 or you can also count online at OpaVote for 5 cents/voter. Please see the OpenSTV EULA for details and contact jeff.oneill @ with any questions concerning licensing.

Please select the appropriate purchase link from the table below. To purchase with PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account and may pay with a credit card.

MS Windows Installer
XP and later
Mac OS X App
Leopard and later
Online: Pay per election Create a "Count" online at OpaVote for 5 cents/voter and the first 50 voters are free.
Download: Trial Version (limited to 50 ballots and one year) $5
Download: one-year license (unlimited elections and ballots)

Note: This license does not allow you to provide election services to others.
Commercial License (to provide election services to others) Request Commercial License